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Lions, tigers, and bears? Oh YES! From the cutest baby animal births to wacky and wild stories covering the nation's favorite animal species, we're here to help you keep up with all the cool zoo happenings from San Diego to the Bronx and everywhere in between.

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Zoo Welcomes Birth of 2 (Very Cute) Amur Leopards, But Here's Why It's So Important
The adorable Amur leopard cubs were born in an Illinois zoo earlier this week.
Watch This Conservation Worker Go to Sleep—With a Trio of Cheetahs
Most cat lovers know the joy that can come from nighttime kitty cuddles. But this conservation volunteer is getting next-level feline feels.
Instead of Growing up Alone, This Adorable Young Cheetah Befriended a Labrador Retriever Puppy
Fighting like cats and dogs? Not this cheetah and Labrador pair who quickly became besties at an animal sanctuary in California.

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'Exemplary' Penguin Foster Dads Lima and Elmer Hatch Healthy Chick at Syracuse Zoo
Nurturing, loving families come in all shapes and sizes, even for penguins! Meet the latest same-sex penguins to foster a chick.