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Watch This Incredible Video of a Rare Wolverine Sighting in Yellowstone National Park
Most of us have seen Marvel's Wolverine on the big screen, but spotting a wild wolverine is almost impossible.
'It Takes a Lot of Trust': We Could Learn Some Empathy From These Chimpanzees Treating Each Other's Wounds
Chimpanzees using insects to help treat other chimps' wounds may be proof that some animals can display emotions like empathy, which we usually attribute only to humans.
Why Are Iguanas Falling From Trees in Florida?
Cold morning in South Florida? Maybe don't stand under any trees.
'1-in-100 Million' Cotton Candy Lobster Caught in Maine Finds a Home at New England Ocean Center
Most lobsters are brown, and very few are blue. But pastel cotton candy pink and blue? Almost out of the question.

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You've Gotta See the Bears at Katmai National Park Who Are in the Running for Fat Bear Week
Who's in your bracket for the park's running of most mammoth mammal? We've got our money on Chunk, Walker, or Holly for the coveted title of Fat Bear Week champion.
We Can't Stop Watching the Chipmunks of TikTok Cram Crazy Amounts of Food into Their Mouths

In a matter of seconds, Squishy the chipmunk shovels an astounding amount of nuts into their cheeks in this adorable viral video.