If it seems like your kitty is attached at your hip, you're not alone. A lot of cats follow their humans wherever they go, but the reasons behind this behavior may surprise you.

Every morning my cat meows melodically as he follows me from the bedroom to the kitchen, rubbing his furry tail against my pajama pants. He follows me into the bathroom and watches me carefully as I brush my teeth. He even follows me into the shower. A little creepy I'll admit, but it just means he loves me ... right?

If your cat sounds like mine, you might be wondering if their trailing you has anything do with you. Let me assure you, it does and it doesn't. Typical of a relationship with a cat, no?

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5 Reasons Why Your Cat Follows You Everywhere

From issues with their health to just being a normal cat, there are a variety of interesting causes behind this funny behavior.

1. Your Cat Enjoys Your Company

Don't fret! Your cat does indeed love you. After living amongst humans for so long, cats have formed genuine and unique bonds with their human caretakers. Your cat enjoys spending time with their favorite person (you!) and is interested in the things you do, especially during the times of day when you might be doing more than just sitting on the couch binge watching your favorite show, like when you cook dinner or do a load of laundry. Those activities are far more intriguing to your cat buddy than watching you stare at a screen.

2. Your Cat Needs Attention

The week passes by so quickly and if you are like me, you are often shocked to realize it's midweek and you still have not made it to the grocery store. Our pets can sometimes get "left behind" when it comes to us taking time out from our busy schedules and giving them the attention they need. Your cat may find the best way to get you to pet them, play with them, or share a tasty snack with them, is to make their presence known ... including by following your every step. Make sure you oblige and provide your kitty love, affection, and ample daily enrichment opportunities every single day to ensure you feline companion stays a happy, healthy kitty.

3. Places You Go Offer Up Smells ... and Entertainment

This is where the bathroom comes in. It's no secret that wherever there are toilets and showers, there are smells. Your cat is a scent connoisseur and the bathroom in particular offers up many interesting aromas that pique their feline instincts.

Plus, if your kitty loves a good cool spot to lay on, a bowl for laying in (the sink), or enjoys the drip, drip, drip of a running faucet, the bathroom quickly becomes a kitty playground or relaxing spa. Cats also find your kitchen, the laundry room, and your bedroom to be full of scents they need to explore and games they need to try out (toilet paper rolls are apparently very entertaining).

4. Your Cat Needs a Change in Diet

Probably not a shocker, but if your kitty is intent on lurking behind your every step they may be trying to communicate a need to you ... and it could be they want to eat. Cats are excellent communicators but like toddlers, they prefer to scream out their needs or decide to ask for a snack when you are using the toilet—nothing like a surprise visit from your cat while you are doing your business.

And also like toddlers (and admittedly, me) the breakfast you gave them might not be satisfactory or leaves them wanting more. This could be an indicator your cat needs a change in diet. Of course, it's important that you are not over feeding your cat as obesity in felines can lead to significant health issues. However, as your cat becomes a senior, their nutritional and exercise needs change too. So if your cat seems to be losing weight, their coat appears dull, or your they continuously follows you even after you offer them food, consult with your veterinarian to ensure your cat is getting the nutrition they need.

5. Your Cat Feels Sick

Cats cannot put how they are feeling into words so they instead communicate how they are feeling through body language. Cats can say all sorts of things by way of their body, but a cat who might be experiencing an illness or is feeling overly stressed may intensify body movements and behaviors. These can include following you everywhere or attempting to stay as close to you as possible.

If your kitty seems to want to be near you in an unusually intense way, seems distressed when you leave a room without them, or is constantly following your every move, it's time to make an appointment with your vet or veterinarian behaviorist to rule out any health or behavior concerns.

Your cat may have discovered that following you into the kitchen is the best way to get one more tasty tuna treat or they might just really enjoy being near all the glorious smells you produce. No matter the reason your cat always follows you, it's important to pay close attention, ensuring your fabulous feline is completely happy and healthy.