We're happy to provide a space for so many wiggly butts.
shelter dog jumps for joy in his cage when he finds out he's getting adopted
Credit: Courtesy of adoptingdogs / TikTok

You absolutely need a break from whatever it is you're doing today, so here are videos of 10 very deserving shelter dogs finding out they've been adopted. 

The TikToks come from our pal Joe Kay, the adoption coordinator at Wayne County Humane Society in Ohio. You've likely seen his trademark dog videos before: The camera tracks an orange "hold" card as Kay tells excited, tail-wagging pups they've been adopted.  

As Kay's told us before, it's impossible to know if the dogs—many rescued from puppy mills or euthanization—realize the orange cards mean they're getting adopted. Whatever the case is, they're sure excited to see the cards and hear Kay's cooing voice. 

"If you wait, you can get the dog of your dreams and it can be a rescue dog and it can come from a shelter," Kay told us last fall. "You don't have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars."

Here are some of his latest dogs finding out they're headed to a new, loving home.


Back in April, 7-month-old mountain cur Harvey, a "sweetheart," was the only dog left in the humane society's rows of cages. Of course, one day after Kay shared that he was the only dog left, Harvey's new family had put him on hold. As you can see, Harvey was thrilled to meet his new dad.


Clementine, who looks like she's a Pomeranian, just couldn't contain her joy. Little hops, swatting the doorway, and turning in circles? Check, check, and check.


Speaking of hops, Zoe the Bernese mountain dog has some big ones as she finds out she has a new family. It's a stark difference from when she first arrived at the humane society, afraid and untrusting. You can watch her meet her new family here.


I personally enjoy Prince's reaction because it looks like he has to spread his front legs out far to stabilize his very emphatic tail-wagging.


Poor Nora was adopted in May after arriving at the humane society from a southern shelter. She was incredibly afraid of people—likely because someone had shot her with a BB gun. Now, she has a caring family.


This one's lovely because it sure looks like Boscoe chose his new owner, not the other way around.


As if he isn't already doing enough, Kay fostered Cashmere, who looks like a little French bulldog who's on her way to a much better life.


No real secret on how he got his name, huh? His dancing naturally continues when his new owner comes to pick him up.


This Siberian husky even gives us a little husky howl to show how pumped she is for her new family.


One of the calmest for last, but this golden retriever (and puppy mill survivor) certainly deserves her new family that will no doubt appreciate her fancy bow.