Senior Dog Needs

As your dog ages, there are special considerations to ensure he maintains good health for the rest of his life. Read up on senior dog health advice from veterinarians and other pet experts to care properly for your long-lived pup.

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Older Cocker Spaniel Leaves Box of His Tennis Balls at Park With Incredibly Sweet Message
Jarvis, who's 10, suffers from arthritis and can no longer play with his tennis balls. So his owner helped him gift them to local dogs at the park.
There's a New Game That Helps Save Senior Dogs and We Can't Download It Fast Enough
Inspired by the incredible story of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, players spend quality time with virtual dogs and maybe help real ones, too.
This Doggie 'Retirement Village' Gives Senior Pets a Safe Space to Live Out Their Golden Years
Marty's Place gives abandoned dogs lifelong care and a place to call home when they need it most.
Elderly Singing Chihuahua Finds Comfort and Love in His Forever Home
Donatello is the inspirational feel-good rescue story you need to tuck into your heart for safekeeping.
Ailments of Aging Dogs: 5 Health Challenges to Watch for in Your Sweet Senior Pup
Keeping an eye out for these common conditions in your sweet senior ensure you stay on top of your dog's health.

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Elderly Rescue Dogs No Longer Have to Climb Stairs Thanks to Custom Elevator
Caring for sweet senior and ailing pups inspired this New Orleans couple to engineer a better solution for mobility and upstairs/downstairs cuddles.
6 Strategies to Help You Properly Care for a Blind or Visually Impaired Dog
Dogs go blind for multiple reasons, whether that’s a health condition or simply old age. If you're thinking of adopting a blind dog or your dog is losing his vision, here's what you can do to help your pup live a healthy and fulfilled life.
How To Identify and Treat Lymphoma in Dogs

Hearing from the vet that your dog has been diagnosed with lymphoma can be scary. No dog parent wants to hear that their pup has cancer! However, not all hope is lost, as lymphoma is one of the more curable types of cancer in dogs. Learn all about this disease, how to keep a watchful eye out for it, and what to do once your dog starts showing signs.