Why would you let the ball travel more than a couple feet when you can just snag it in the air? (Over and over and over again.)
golden playing with automatic ball thrower
Credit: Courtesy of spicyveggiestrawsz / TikTok

There's impatience, and then there's this golden retriever playing with his automatic tennis ball launcher

As featured in a TikTok posted earlier this week by his owner (spicyveggiestrawsz), not only can our guy not wait for the ball to be launched—he won't even let it travel more than a couple feet. Instead, he'd rather let his ultra-quick reflexes do all the work. 

The 15-second video is relatively simple. The golden nudges the machine, trying to coax his ball into the opening so it can be launched. He eventually has to reset the ball with his mouth and nudge the machine again before the ball finally disappears down the hole.

His tail starts to wag, and he then drops his head a bit—snatching the ball in the air a split-second after it leaves the machine at high velocity. Then the ball goes right back to the machine, the excited pup ready to play the shortest game of fetch again. 

The video has so far earned 7.2 million views and the attention of the NFL's New York Jets, who commented "wide retriever No. 1." That comment inspired another video, a longer version of the dog catching and returning the ball—which never touches the ground—over and over. Gotta get those reps in. 

Like I said earlier, that ball is coming out fast. It would be hard for most humans to catch that ball at that distance and speed—and certainly not with our mouths. 

Nice job, buddy. Hope they call you for the next Air Bud sequel.