Gibson might be the most adventurous (and adorable) kitty we've ever seen.

Gibson the kitty and his cat mom, Sarah Klassen, love adventuring around their hometown of Toronto, Ontario together. The two share their adorable journeys together on an Instagram account dedicated to Gibson—@TheGibsonChronicles—which highlights daily life for Gibson and his family.

Some of Gibson's travels include Niagara Falls, green spaces and parks around their city, plus travel by Toronto's subways, busses, streetcars, and more.

"He's pretty much done it all in this city. There's more places of course to discover," Klassen tells Daily Paws. "He is a city cat. He loves the city of Toronto."

Gibson came into Klassen's life during a dark time, just after the lost of a previous pet cat, Miso. After some searching, Klassen came across Gibson, who was just a kitten at the time. Klassen recognized Gibson to be the most energetic of the litter, and made the decision to make the fun-loving kitty a part of her family.

"From the moment we brought him home, we kinda knew that adventure was in his blood," Klassen says. "He is always needing to be engaged. He's pretty smart, so he always needs to be doing something."

And for Gibson, the things he loves best include exploring, accompanying his pet parents on errands, playing fetch, going for walks, and training. In fact, Gibson now knows 25-30 tricks, and Klassen is working on helping him expand his repertoire of tricks, and be able to perform them outside of the house.

"I never grew up thinking that cats were trainable. I never thought that would be possible," says Klassen.

Klassen says Gibson is proof that not all cats are skittish or built for indoors only—and together they're helping other pet owners realize that some cats do have a natural desire to explore the outdoors and spend time traveling and adventuring with their humans. While not all kitties will be as keen as Gibson to wear a harness or take a stroll through the park, many cat parents have found that making a cat-friendly outdoor space like a catio for them to safely roam can be a great way to give them an opportunity to explore the natural world.

"I think Gibson and I are better together, because I feel like we just feed off of each other and just meet each other in these ways I could have never imagined," says Klassen.