The little dog had found an air pocket near the dashboard and emerged unhurt.
firefighters rescue dog from submerged car
Credit: Courtesy of Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Department

In case you didn't have enough reasons to love firefighters, the Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Department in Moyock, N.C., has provided you with more evidence.

The department received a call just before 1 a.m. Sunday about an overturned vehicle, not far from its fire station on Shawboro Road.

"The driver was out of the vehicle when we arrived," Assistant Chief Tim Walter tells Daily Paws. "We think she was actually thrown from the vehicle because it was a convertible and the top was down."

The car itself was upside down when firefighters arrived and partially submerged in a canal that runs alongside the road.

"It's full of all this mud," Walter says. "You step into it and sink about a foot. It's also got a lot of water moccasins and snapping turtles swimming around."

Dispatch informed the responding firefighters a dog was in the car, and the pup was still missing when they arrived. While assessing the situation, the responding crew heard whimpering coming from the front of the vehicle and sprang into action.

With the help of Lantz Towing, the crew flipped the black sports car back onto its wheels and pulled a wet and frightened—but otherwise unhurt—dog from the passenger seat.

"Even though the car was upside down in the water for 20 minutes, we recovered the dog under the dash floorboard where there was an air pocket," the department's Facebook post reads.

"The dog was excited," Walter says. "It was just very happy to be alive."

The Facebook post states that police apprehended the driver while they investigate the cause of the accident. In the meantime, the dog accompanied another family member home for a well-deserved rest.