How could you watch Radley and not want to experience that joy?
dog plays with ball
Credit: Courtesy oradley_barkley / TikTok

I have to agree with Radley's owner: The mayhem this playful pit bull mix causes with her extremely large ball is definitely worth it. 

That's what Radley's owner wrote in the caption of one of her latest TikTok videos that shows Radley chasing, bopping, and gnawing at a big, blue horse ball. The 30-inch ball is roughly size of a fitness orb, which is to say it's about as big as Radley. 

But that's no matter. She bats it against the fence with her face. She rolls it around her backyard at high speed. She head-butts it away from the patio furniture. She knocks it into the garden. Basically, all the best ways to have fun with an extremely large toy. 

So far, the TikTok of Radley enjoying all her big ball has to offer has earned more than 314,000 views since it was posted earlier this week. 

Somehow, she's yet to pop it. Apparently, it's tough for her to bite into when it's inflated enough. But she's sure gonna to try, but that only results in an exhausted, happy dog. And who doesn't want that? 

So if you're looking for a new, enriching toy for your dog, consider a large ball. Just maybe hide the more breakable lawn ornaments.