Balu takes his babysitting responsibilities very seriously.
dog tucks in kittens tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of julietagonzalezla1 / TikTok

It's hard to resist baby animals' tiny size, large eyes, and generally helpless nature. The natural instinct to protect babies isn't just a human trait either, as dachshund Balu illustrates here.

In a TikTok posted June 1 by julietagonzalezla1, Balu manages to warm the cockles of even the darkest hearts, and he does so in a scant six seconds.

While a Spanish version of Randy Newman's "You've Got a Friend in Me" burbles as a soundtrack, we're treated to Balu approaching a mama cat and her litter of freshly baked kittens. Gently grabbing one end of the blanket the kittens are laying on, Balu pulls it over their fuzzy little kitten butts and, eventually, most of their heads as well. Mama watches attentively as Balu does his best to make sure the kittens are snug as little bugs in a rug.

The happy little video has picked up 2 million views, with nearly 89,000 likes, since it was posted and prompted a follow-up Wednesday of Balu treating the kittens to a grooming session under mama's watchful eye.

"For all those who want to follow the story of our babies with their uncle Balu, here we leave you a little more," the text on the video reads in Spanish, while the post's caption lovingly refers to "Babysitter Balu."