DIY Project Ideas

Not only are you the perfect pet parent, but you're a crafty pet parent. Need some new ideas? Check out our list of fun DIY crafts and building projects for pet owners, from doghouses to cat trees and everything in between.

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How to Build a DIY Elevated Dog Food Stand
Feeding time shouldn't be a pain in the neck for your fur friends. Treat them to this simple, inexpensive DIY dog bowl stand you can build in a weekend.
How to Build a DIY Dog Wash Station That Makes Cleaning Your Pup So Much Easier
Keep your pooch—and the rest of your home—cleaner with a special area designated for pet washing. You’ll need the help of a plumber to get started but can complete the project with intermediate DIY skills.
16 Easy DIY Dog Costume Ideas To Try This Halloween
Even if you’re not a master crafter, these homemade costumes will blow away the costume contest competition.

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Spoil Your Kitty By Making a DIY Cat Scratching Post
Build a scratching post that doubles as a window seat where your favorite feline can watch the birds or catch a catnap.
How to Build a DIY Doghouse for Your Backyard

Our building plans make it easy to give your dog the special spot she deserves.