Basic Cat Training

Training cats is much different than training dogs, but there are some basic cat training commands and techniques that they'll learn with the help of their owner. Use these tips and tricks to teach your cat how to use a litter box, discourage aggression, and more.

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How To Get Your Cat Into a Carrier With Tips From a Pro
With these tips, your cat can learn to love her carrier at home or on-the-go. Plus, a fear-free training expert walks us through an easy two-step process for getting your cat into her crate.
3 Simple Steps to Teach Your Cat Sign Language
Like dogs, cats can learn to respond to visual cues…it’s just a matter of whether they want to. Find out how to get your kitty genius on board.
How to Train a Cat to Walk on a Leash and Harness
Yes! You really can teach your cat to enjoy exploring the world from a leash.
What Is a Cue and How Is It Different from a Command in Pet Training?
Dogs, cats, birds, or guinea pigs … our pets are not born with the ability to understand human language. When you use cues paired with positive reinforcement, you can teach your pet all kinds of wonderful things.

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