Cat Safety Tips & Advice

As many cat owners are aware, curious kitties can get themselves in trouble. Cat-proof your home and protect your precious feline from harm with these cat safety tips and advice.

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How to Treat a Cat Snakebite
Cats may have nine lives, but snakebites should still be taken seriously!
Updated Your Pet's Microchip Contact Info Lately? It's Easy
Updating cat and dog microchip registration greatly increases the odds your lost furbaby will make it home to you.
Watch Out for These 6 Spring Pet Safety Dangers
Make sure your dog or cat has nothing to worry about but smelling roses (and other … things) as you venture out this season.
These Guys Have Saved 4,000 Cats From Trees... And They're Not Stopping Anytime Soon!
More than 10 years and 4,000 cats later, arborists Tom Otto and Shaun Sears of Cat Canopy Rescue continue to scale great heights just to make sure these kitties are safely returned home.
We Asked Vets About the Seresto Flea Collars. Here's What You Should Know
The popular flea and tick prevention collars have been linked to the deaths of nearly 1,700 pets. Here's what you should do if your pet wears one.

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Seresto Flea Collars Linked To Almost 1,700 Pet Deaths, Report Says
The popular flea and tick collars release chemicals that are supposed to keep your pet pest-free. But EPA documents show thousands of pet incidents—including death—linked to the collars.
How Many Humans Does It Take to Get Three Cats Off the Roof, Anyway?
One sassy kitty allegedly chased two others up a tree to the rooftop, and the rest was history.