Animal Advocacy

As pet lovers, it is our responsibility to speak up for the animals that can't speak for themselves. Whether it's a mass pet rescue or changing animal rights legislation, we'll cover it right here.

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The U.S. Saw More Dogs and Cats Killed in Shelters Last Year, the First Increase in 5 Years
Best Friends Animal Society's annual data showed that 8,000 more animals were euthanized last year compared to the pandemic-altered 2020.
Coco Is a Silly Dog Who Loves His People, So Why Has He Spent More Than 1,000 Days in a Shelter?
He's a good boy who loves his KONG, but unfortunately he and many other dogs are so stressed by the shelter environment that they have a hard time meeting people.
Ditch the Stereotypes: Our Dogs' Behaviors Aren't Determined By Only Their Breeds, Study Finds
While some laws or regulations may restrict certain breeds, a study published last week argues that dog breeds alone aren't predictive of a dog's behavior or personality.
Dozens of Feral Cats Have Infiltrated an MLB Stadium: Here's Why They Get to Stick Around
RingCentral Coliseum in Oakland welcomed a colony of feral cats when the pandemic began, and the kitties have stuck around. The stadium is using TNR to humanely control the population.
Keeping Pets and Older Adults Together: Organizations Strive to Help Maintain Quality of Life and Love
Both seniors and pets benefit greatly from the love they share, but sometimes they need extra help to stay together.
Maryland Bans Cat Declawing, Becoming the Second U.S. State to Prohibit the Practice
Gov. Larry Hogan signed the declawing ban into law Thursday along with a measure that prohibits leaving dogs outside in "extreme weather conditions."

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Here's How You Can Help the Pets Fleeing Ukraine and the Animals That Are Still There
Thousands of people are fleeing Ukraine with their pets, while others are working to keep their pets and other animals safe within the country.
Guide Dogs for the Blind: More Than Really Good Pups, They Offer People Unwavering Friendship and Freedom
Since 1942, this nonprofit of the same name has changed the lives of more than 16,000 people by pairing them with four-pawed guidance and goodness.